A social worker speaks to Reena Mahabir at her Penal home yesterday.

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Days after their struggle was highlighted, the Baal family of Penal are finally getting some assistance from the Ministry of Social Development.

A social worker based at the Ministry’s Port -of-Spain office visited the family yesterday and interviewed Seema Baal, 21, and her mother Reena Mahabir.

Once the investigations are complete, the family may qualify for public assistance grants.

Speaking to Guardian Media yesterday, Mahabir said she was happy for the little help they received so far. She said after the story was aired, someone visited and dropped off some groceries for them.

She said her husband Rajnath Baal and another relative planned to dig a trench to begin casting a foundation for a new home.

“We have to get a little steel to do it but my brother said he will come and check us and by this weekend they can start,” she added.

She also said the teachers at the Mohess Road Hindu School promised to continue assisting her children.

“They told me that they will send work for them and I will go and drop off what they do weekly,” she added.

Seema, who was laid off when the COVID-19 restrictions kicked in last March, said she was hoping to get a job so she could assist her parents with caring for her nine siblings.

“I feel appreciated that I will be getting a job so I can help out the home situation and bring some things for my parents and siblings,” she said.

Since the story was aired promises were made by Good Samaritans to assist the family. They have already received some plyboard, cement, galvanized sheets and purling to fix the house.

General Secretary of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha Vijay Maharaj told Guardian Media yesterday that he has organised to send ten hampers to the family which will be stored at the Mohess Road Hindu School and given to them weekly.

Anyone wanting to assist further can contact the family at 319- 1807/ 274-2153.