National Commission for Self Help CEO Elroy Julien and Minister of Community Development, Culture and the Arts Nyan Gadsby-Dolly present Neilbarran Bissoo with food items at Digity Village, Penal home yesterday as Samdaye Baldeo looks on.


The National Commission for Self Help (NCSH) will be approving a grant to repair the home of stroke victim Samdaye Baldeo and her family.

Self Help’s CEO Elroy Julien gave the assurance after he, his team and Community Development, Culture, and the Arts Minister Nyan Gadsby-Dolly visited the family’s home at Digity Village, Debe yesterday.

The help came after their story was highlighted on CNC3 and Guardian newspaper.

Gadsby-Dolly and Self Help team visited the family while they were in the area distributing home repair grants to seven families affected by last Sunday’s freak storm.

Baldeo, 47, a domestic worker, suffered a stroke three months ago rendering her unable to walk or speak properly.

Not only was she unable to work, but her husband Neilbarran Bissoo, 52, was fired from his Cepep job because he had to stay home to care for her and their two children.

With no income coming in, Bissoo, his wife, and two daughters, ages 10 and six, have been mostly living off his garden which comprises of cassava, bodi and ochro.

Their home, a two-bedroom small plywood structure, has no electricity or running water.

After assessing the family’s living conditions, Julien said he would approve a home repair grant for them. Several individuals and groups also dropped off food supplies for the family.

Earlier that day, Gadsby-Dolly had presented a $25,000 emergency repair grant to the mother of ten Reena Mahabir who was one of seven families whose roof was damaged.

Speaking at their Wilson Road, Clarke Road home, Penal, Julien along with his team visited Mahabir on Wednesday, said, “The homeowners are very lucky because we have also brought along one of the NGOs Mr. Curtis Shade, he is here to really assist with the rebuilding of the home. So we have provided the grant, we have provided the material and we have someone here who can provide the labour.”

The minister also presented Self Help grants to the six other families whose roofs were damaged on Sunday. Mahabir’s husband, Rajnath Bhal, a lorryman, who is not currently employed thanked the minister, Self Help, and everyone who helped them with groceries.

The couple has ten children, seven of whom live with them.