The Ministry of Social Development and Family Services has reached out to a Moruga man who lost his wife and step-daughter in a blaze which also destroyed his home, to render some assistance.

A statement from the ministry said Wendell “Foots” Bobcombe first lost his Fifth Company Branch Road Moruga home to a fire and then days later, his common-law wife and then his step-daughter died at the hospital from injuries sustained in the blaze.

The ministry said the National Family Services Division contacted Bobcombe on Wednesday September 23 and discovered that he was residing in a tent situated in front of his demolished home at Fifth Company Fifth Branch Road, Moruga.

He explained that he was staying there to secure some plyboard material which he deemed as valuable.

Ministry officials said Bascombe, who was overcome with grief, said that the funeral of his late wife and daughter was scheduled for Wednesday and he was to have received the Funeral Grant from the ministry to assist with the funeral arrangements.

Though distraught and overwhelmed with his current situation, officers of the National Family Services Division offered to provide the necessary counselling to Bascombe.

He was also assessed by the Ministry’s National Social Development Programme(NSDP) and they are also working with him to provide assistance towards the rebuilding of his home.

He indicated how grateful he was for all the assistance during this difficult period and that he receives clothing and food from his relatives and friends on a daily basis since the incident occurred.

The Ministry of Social Development and Family Services said it will continue to follow up on this case and journey with Bobcombe and his family to help them regain some sense of normalcy and a better quality of life.