Teeluckdharry Seemungal shows the water tanks donated by a Good Samaritan.

Overwhelmed by the outpouring of donations and support by the public over the last few weeks, Teeluckdharry Seemungal, exclaimed: “It comes like we’re living in a paradise now!”

Seemungal, who lives in the forest at Santo Trace, Mendez Village, Siparia, with his wife, three children and grandson, expressed his gratitude to everyone who came to their aid since their plight was highlighted by the media.

With a limited supply of water since they don’t have a pipe bourne supply of water, the family was sometimes forced to use dirty water from a pond, which was used to irrigate their garden, to cook, drink, bathe and perform household chores.

However, Seemungal told Guardian Media yesterday that they were now receiving a regular supply of truck borne water from the Penal-Debe Regional Corporation.

Good Samaritans donated six water tanks and dug two ponds to supply his garden. Giving all-round assistance to the family, Vickram Hajaree of the Open Bible Standard Churches donated 2,500 seeds including ochro, corn, sorrel and pigeon peas, as well as 200 plantain plants.

Also, the pastor and his members donated a stove, cesspit tank, and a toilet set, as well as materials to rebuild a section of the roof, and provided labour.

He said the pastor also promised to purchase chickens for him to rear. Seemungal who works part-time at the corporation is now contemplating growing and selling produce to earn an income.

The family still does not have an electrical supply, but a company has offered to install a solar system.

“I have to thank the people in Trinidad people who assist us so much. Pastor Hajarie, Mr Moodie, you all, everyone who help us and even those who wanted to help but could not afford to.”

Seemungal, however, is still hoping for a proper road to his home.