Coordinator of the SSS Alumni, Kevon McKenna (right), presents laptops and tablets donated to Coleen and Derrick Henry

Within hours of posting the story of Derrick and Coleen Henry—the parents of eight children who were in need of a computer for their youngsters—Guardian Media received several calls and messages from persons offering help.

The self-employed Henry was asking for a computer to access the Ministry of Education’s online learning platform, which is meant to substitute traditional classroom sessions that were suspended, to slow the spread of COVID-19.

On Saturday 25 April, the Scarborough Secondary Alumni collaborated with other interested parties to contribute two Laptops, one iPad, with one-year free device maintenance and one-year free Internet service.

Coordinator of the SSS Alumni Kevon McKenna (right) greets Derrick Henry during the presentation of items collected on the family’s behalf

Another contributor—Miles Abraham, Managing Director of Simply Intense Media—contacted Guardian Media he also pledged assistance to the family. He said he was touched by the family’s plight.

“I remember growing up, I didn’t have a computer and I had to borrow one from someone and when I did, it completely changed my life,” he told Guardian Media. “And it was because of that person’s kindness I was able to go on to achieve great things.”

He passionately admitted that he “could not imagine a life without a computer.” He donated an Apple desktop and laptop computers to the family.

Several other private citizens and businesspersons, locally and abroad, also have offered help, and have since asked for the family’s contact information to provide said assistance.

Almost instantaneously, several other families in need of devices also reached out to Guardian Media for help.

Efforts will be made to pair persons desirous of contributing devices with families in need.