Image courtesy Heritage Petroleum Company Limited.

Heritage Petroleum Company Limited says it is looking into reports it received of an oil accumulation along a Municipal drain at Point Ligoure, Point Fortin.

The company confirmed that it received reports yesterday, Sunday 12 September 2021, of the oil accumulation along a municipal drain which collects overflow from many parts of Point Fortin.

“The source of the leak has not yet been identified although efforts have been ongoing and would continue, to determine same. Heritage has deployed specialised spill response teams to clean up the affected area,” the company stated in a news release late yesterday.

“Most of the oil was contained via containment booms at the area and clean-up efforts are ongoing,” Heritage said, adding that it will continue working on the spill “to ensure clean-up efforts are done in a timely manner”.

The company said it had notified the Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries and all other regulatory agencies including the Environmental Management Authority (EMA).

Heritage also stated: “Air quality testing was conducted at the site and all levels were within normal limits. No injuries or adverse impact to residents of the community have been reported.”

It added: “The company is conducting ongoing surveillance to ensure that the source is confirmed, and the spill is contained. As a precautionary measure, a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation crew has been mobilized to provide specialized response, should it be required.”