Ministry of Health Epidemiology Technical Director Dr Avery Hinds.

The number of COVID-19 cases recorded daily in T&T continues to plateau.

This is according to epidemiologist Dr Avery Hinds, who said this trend was observed over the last two months.

Speaking during the Ministry of Health’s virtual media briefing on Saturday, Hinds said they there was a slower decline in the number of cases in September into October.

He said, “Coming from the peak of late August, we had a faster decline from late August to early September, and then a slower decline across September into October. Basically, it’s sort of a flatline if you look at the line running through the graph. That means we’re sort of plateauing with regard to the number of new people testing positive on a given day.”

Indicating they needed to place greater focus on risk mitigation now, Hinds said, “If we are seeing a plateau meaning that we’re not really going down…they are going down very slowly if at all, it means that our behaviours at present in the population are just about keeping the virus bubbling slowly somewhere along the line.

“What we need to focus on as we enter this phase of trying to eliminate virus transmission is we really need to focus on risk mitigation or risk reduction in our individual interactions.”

He said the largest number of people testing positive remained in the 25–49 age group, whilst the viral spread continued to remain highest in population centres in north to south Trinidad and along the East/West Corridor.

He urged people to continue adhering to public health regulations to social distance, wash hands and sanitise, and also remain at home if ill.

To date, 5,241 individuals have been infected with COVID-19, of which 1,601 are active cases, with 3,545 recovered, and 98 still hospitalised.