A low but steady climb in COVID-19 infection cases has been recorded over the past three weeks.

Epidemiologist Dr Avery Hinds attended yesterday’s Ministry of Health COVID-19 update and confirmed the new trend, warning that it was a “cause for concern”.

He said there was an eight per cent rise in the past three weeks.

The upward trend moved from one per cent to five per cent and up to eight per cent last week.

“Any upward trend in the data, in the number of cases is a cause for concern. We don’t want to be preemptive and say people are moving around too much too soon because movement is necessary. However, we do want to encourage every individual to make wise choices about how they move, where they move and about whether they need to move or not,” he said.

He described the upward trend as a “warning bell” and said the population was still susceptible to the virus and should not act as if everything is back to normal.

“Nothing has changed with regards to what increases the risk of transmissions of COVID-19,” Hinds said.

“As we move around a little more, as we have more sectors out, both construction and the pick-up and delivery of food, not just those workers going out and interacting but also the population accessing that service, we do have a considerably increased volume of movement and therefore an increased probability of interaction between individuals and that in and of itself will drive that upward trend,” he said.

Hinds also said that it was difficult to track how many people became infected after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

“Not everyone who has a COVID-19 positive test captured also has their vaccination status captured. Sometimes it’s not captured either way so you’re not sure if it’s a ‘no not vaccinated’ or a ‘we don’t know’,” Hinds said.

One data point that does stand out, Hinds said, was that no one with both jabs has contracted the virus and died from COVID-19.

The latest data from the Ministry of Health stated that four more people have died from the virus and 109 more people have contracted the virus.