Pundit Munelal Maharaj urged the congregation, and all of Trinidad and Tobago, to embrace knowledge, hope and positivity...

Members of the Hindu Community recently held a special prayer event in which they offered up prayers for Trinidad and Tobago.

The event—which was held to observe the Hindu Solar Festival “Makar Sankranti”—took place on Sunday, January 19th 2020, at the Chaguanas Hindu Temple situated at the corner of Cumberbatch Street and the Main Road, Chaguanas.

Makar Sankranti is a Hindu Solar Festival, which is celebrated annually on January 14th. On this day, the Sun, having appeared to have journeyed southwards for a six-month period, now enters the zodiacal sign of Makar or Capricorn and begins its northward journey. For those in the northern hemisphere it is the beginning of Spring—a time of renewal and re-birth.

The festival brought together families from all across the country, who joined in a three-hour programme of prayer, devotional singing and “havan” (chanting of mantras and offerings in the sacred Fire).

In addition, special prayers were offered for the peace, blessings and healing of the nation.

The officiants were Pundit Munelal Maharaj (who flew in from Florida for the event) and Pundit Randhir Maharaj.

During his feature address, as he asked God’s blessing on the nation, Pundit Munelal Maharaj urged the congregation, and all of Trinidad and Tobago, to learn the message of the Sun.

“The message of the Sun is that we too must change course,” he pointed out. “Turn away from darkness, despair, bitterness and other negative qualities. Embrace knowledge, hope and positivity. Live lives of goodness and godliness. Celebrate life and invite success and prosperity.”

Also participating in the event as a specially invited guest was newly-elected Mayor of Chaguanas, Ms Vandana Mohit.