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They touched the hearts of many in T&T with their resilience and fortitude after being kicked out of their childhood home following the death of their parents.

And while many battled with the socio-economic fallout of COVID-19, the story of the Boodram orphans became a source of inspiration.

During an interview with Guardian Media on Christmas Eve, the children- Ravi, 11, Meera, 18, and Raveena, 20, said they will be spending Christmas Day doing final touches on their incomplete home.

Thanks to the efforts of many, the children are determined to ring in the new year in their new house. Despite the ongoing works, the children put up a Christmas Tree in one of the rooms, which was donated by Coosal Group of Companies.

“It gave us a good feeling to put it up. Coosal gave it to us and even though the house is not completed, it makes us happy,” Boodram said as she and her brother put up decorations.

They spread vinyl on the floor of the room but with concrete works going on outside, the vinyl was stained with dirt.

Boodram said while 2020 was a terrible year for many because of the socio-economic pressures of COVID-19, they found 2020 to be one of the best years of their lives.

“Never would we have expected that so many strangers would have been there for us,” she said with a smile.

Boodram thanked carpenter Brandon Peterson and his son Damian for their kindness as well as the seven companies including Angostura and Coosal which donated materials to help them complete their home.

Although the house now has electricity, Boodram said they were waiting on WASA to provide a connection.

“We are very hopeful. We wanted everything to be done by Chrismas but now we think everything will be put in place by January so we will start off the new year in our home,” Boodram said. She also expressed hope that she will get a job in the new year so that they could pay their bills. Peterson said he too was filled with joy at what they had accomplished.

“When I look back at this, I just feel so fulfilled. This is what Christmas joy is all about caring and sharing. I was very wayward but look at what we all came together and did,” he said.

As he watched Boodram plaster a concrete cupboard stand, he said he was proud of them. The children’s masonry skills had improved and his own son was disciplined, focused and helpful to the needs of others.

“These children never stood and waited for people to do everything, but they got their hands dirty and did it despite the odds. This is truly a story of inspiration,” Peterson added.

He thanked all of T&T for the love they showed to the orphans, noting that seeing the good in each other and showing kindness was what T&T needed to get out of the crisis that was looming in the new year.