Co Founder of Orinola horse ranch Karen Stollmeyer, with horses Storm and Eleanor at the Orinola horse ranch in St Joseph, yesterday.

The organisation has helped hundreds of people over the last nine years, but now Horses Helping Humans (HHH) needs help.

The non-profit organisation, like many others, has been strapped for money as they struggle to survive the COVID-19 restrictions.

According to the co-founder, Karen Stollmeyer, the organisation receives a subvention from the Government to foot a portion of their expenses and the remainder is generated through a series of fundraisers throughout the year.

She noted, however, “We had to stop all of our fundraisings for the year but by the grace of God we have managed to get by and still be afloat.”

Located at Anam Cara Stables, Maracas, St Joseph, the NGO saves horses that will then be used to serve children with autism and other special needs, as well as people suffering from stress, anxiety and depression.

Stollmeyer explained, “Once they get on the horses’ back, the movement of the horse mimics the movement of a human walking and that movement then stimulates the brain to respond in a particular way by releasing the hormones of relaxation.”

Currently, the team comprises eight horses.

Stollmeyer said it costs approximately $60,000 a month to keep the stable door open, that is about $7,000 to maintain each horse. The cost increases occasionally with vet fees.

Determined for the organisation to survive to see another year, she is hoping the public will rise to the challenge and contribute whatever little they can.

“We have an adopt-a-horse programme that people can come and if you connect with one horse, in particular, they can sponsor that horse and contribute monthly to the upkeep and maintenance of that horse”, she stated.

“It can cost as little as $100 or up to $2,000 and more. It really depends on you”, she added.

There is another problem looming at the organisation. Stollmeyer indicated that they are also actively looking for a new location since the land currently being occupied is up for sale.

When it is sold, she lamented, they will be expected to saddle up and ride out.

Anyone willing to assist can reach out to the organisation by calling 868-768-6394.