Saddam Hosein

Make it make sense.

That was the plea from Barataria/ San Juan MP Saddam Hosein during his contribution to the debate to revoke the State of Emergency (SoE).

Though the SoE Constitutionally ends on November 29, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley brought a motion Wednesday to lift the SoE curfew restrictions.

Hosein said with the COVID-19 cases projected to rise to 1,000 he could not understand the Government’s rationale to end the SoE now.

“If that proclamation is revoked, it means that the Emergency Power Regulations they stop, they die together with the revocation of the SoE and one would have expected that the Members of this Parliament would be treated with a little more decency,” Hosein said.

He said the Prime Minister should have brought an explanation of the public health regulations that would supersede the emergency powers regulations,

“He should have told us because the country is listening on to find out what would happen after this SoE is revoked because when you look at the Emergency Powers Regulation, they deal in particular with several important matters including the operations of certain businesses and certain services of the Government,” Hosein said.

Hosein said Minister of Health Terrence Deyalsingh earlier yesterday said that the Public Health Regulations are now being drafted by acting Attorney General Stuart Young. The draft legislation then has to go to Cabinet for approval.

“If you had a plan to revoke this SoE in advance, you would have already prepared those regulations. This government is operating with voops, vaps and viki vie,” he said.

Hosein said it was only on Saturday the Opposition learned that the Prime Minister was coming to revoke the SoE, saying that important decisions dealing with people’s lives and livelihoods were being made “off the cuff”.

“Where are the public health regulations?” Hosein asked.