Cedros police officers at the scene of the suspected homicide along the Southern Main Road, Cedros, yesterday. PICTURE KRISTIAN DE SILVA


Fearful that their home could collapse with them inside, a Gasparillo mother grabs her three children and runs outside whenever there are strong winds.

“When the breeze blowing and I feel the house rocking I does take up the children and come outside here. It does be frightening,” said housewife Krisendaye Mahabir.

Although fearful that their house, which is already falling apart, could collapse at any time, Mahabir said they have nowhere else to go.

Her husband, Tyrone Ali, 39, a labourer, who has glaucoma in both eyes, is unemployed. They have three sons ages eight, six, and one year old.

Speaking with Guardian Media at their Cotton Hill Road, Bonne Aventure Road, home yesterday, Ali said about nine years ago he took a loan from his employer to build the house. He used sheets of plywood and galvanize.

“I get lay off about three years now and I get glaucoma in my eyes so I don’t see properly,” he said.

Life threw them another curveball in 2016 when their son died at the age of five months from a heart ailment

Recently, the family got a temporary food card as part of the COVID-19 relief assistance. However, Mahabir admitted that sometimes they have no groceries or money.

“Sometime last week I only had a bunch of fig. I boil that and end up giving my children that when we had nothing to eat. Sometimes I give them sugar water just to keep them up until I get something for them to eat,” she said

“I does even starve myself whole day just to make sure my three children get something to eat. If it is fig and salt, something to keep them up until they get something to eat. I just drink some water and I survive on that.”

Mahabir said the children also need clothes.

Ali said the plywood is rotting and falling off their dilapidated house which is also leaning.

Pointing to the front of the house, he said: “This whole half here fall off. Right now we have the galvanize blocking a hole. The house could fall anytime and when the breeze blow hard the whole house does rock.”

There is no electricity or running water.

While they are often not sure where their next meal will come from, the couple’s main concern is their home.

“I just want a help to see about this house to secure my children so they could be safe. Next thing it fall down and they get damage,” said Mahabir.

Anyone interested in helping the family can contact them at 375-0047 and 274-1572.