Most of the evidence suggests that the majority of young men and women who end up taking part in gang activity, do so because they can identify no other avenue for earning good money in quick time.

They also fully understand that between rival gangs and law enforcement, that they are unlikely to ever deposit an old age pension cheque but they still take the plunge and join one of the many violent gangs operating in T&T today.

Now, there may be one other consideration which could influence some potential new recruits to gangs to hold back on joining and that is the condemnation they may face from family,friends and much of wider society.

Therefore, it was with some degree of sadness that I recently read a glowing tribute on the passing of one of T&T’s most notorious gang leaders, by a well respected letter writer and vociferous supporter of the ruling party.

Now, in this regard, many of these so called gang or community leaders are already receiving state contracts that lend a quasi aura of legitimacy to their activities.

If added to this situation, widespread support and admiration for violent gang leaders and their equally violent methods of doing business were to spread throughout society, then we are all heading for a very dark place.

Gregory Wight


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