conducted with 50 police officers from Tobago, officers from the Inter-Agency Task Force and Airport Authority of TT at Milford Road, Tobago.

A Guaico man was killed during a hunting expedition on Saturday.

The deceased has been identified as Sherwin Ollivere, 35, of Four Roads, Tamana.

A report said around 9.30 am, Ollivere, along with seven others, entered the forest four miles south of his home to hunt.

Around noon, they split into two smaller groups to follow their animals who were chasing animals in the bushes.

A single gunshot was heard around 2 pm, and as the men called out to each other—there was no response from Ollivere.

His body was later found around 2.45 pm with a single gunshot wound to the neck.

A homemade shotgun was found near the body.

Although the death has been ruled an accidental shooting, investigations are continuing.

In a separate incident, a Morvant man was shot around 5.30 pm on October 16, as he went to pay an employee.

The 28-year-old of Second Caledonia, Morvant—was in his black Nissan Almera facing east when he pulled on the shoulder in the vicinity of the Maloney walk over to wait on the employee to collect monies owed to him.

While waiting, an unidentified man walked up to the driver window and pointed a gun at the victim who attempted to drive off.

However, he was shot in the left hand and right thigh.

The victim drove to Pricesmart, Mausica, and contacted the police.

He was later taken to the Arima Health Facility and then transferred to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, Mt Hope.

Investigations are continuing.