The leader of the opposition was critical of the new cabinet.

Described as being “stacked with more recycled failed members some having to clean up their own mes, now they have no one to blame as they were in office for the past five years.”

I agree the blame game mantra of the government would now hold less water and in Parliament we kept hearing ad nauseam about the “evils” of the People’s Partnership government.

This may be good politics but an administration of five years cannot keep pointing the corruption finger at the UNC as four fingers can point back to decades of PNM corruption.

Often at question time the modus operandi of some ministers towards the opposition is to state how stupid the question was, then give a half way answer then bring up some old corruption/failure claim when the opposition was in office.

Well hopefully we will now hear less of the latter.

I however must disagree with the leader of the opposition because having the previous members serve in their ministries adds continuity to their overall plans.

Both the attorney general and minister of national security have brought laws claiming we would soon see the results.

Well the country cannot wait any longer. We need the laws and dreams peddled by them to kick in. If they don’t history would remember them as failing to deliver.

I look at the dream team of both leaders.

Mrs Kamla Persad-Bissesar was accused of having a kindergarten team of inexperienced candidates but least we forget one of our most experienced leaders, the late Patrick Manning started as an MP at 27 old.

Mrs Persad-Bissesar’s previous senatorial appointments saw honest young hard working senators like Sean Sobers, Anita Haynes and Saddam Hosein being given a chance.

Some have to prove to us they can deliver as representing their constituents.

Dropping some of the familiar faces could be a combination of putting new faces which were not tainted by allegations of corruption as well as the Machiavellian concept of surrounding herself with persons less likely to challenge her leadership position.

This is nothing new, we saw the then opposition leader Manning distancing himself from the old PNM guard and bringing in new faces after the NAR victory at the polls.

In 1987 we saw a relatively unknown volcanologist emerge as an opposition senator and is now our second term prime minister.

His public spats with his leader were viewed by some as the heights of neemakaramism or strength and independence by others.

Now the popular Robert Le Hunte has paid the price of independence of thought.

Disagreements within the party are nothing new.

The late Muriel Donawa-McDavidson had warned of the emergence of “Patrick’s National Movement.” She was placed in the political dog house.

The intellectualism of Dr Bhoe Tewarie, oratory style of Ganga Singh and incisive contribution of Dr Fuad Khan will surely be missed.

Leaders have to recognise the political parasites who latch on to them and chose those who are best given to service of country.

We expect leaders to look after our welfare and do what us best for the people they represent.

There have been calls for Mrs Persad-Bissesar to resign as opposition leader. Those making such calls should contest the party election.

Mrs Persad-Bissesar had the fortitude to challenge the silver fox for leadership of the party.

The prime minister also announced this is his last term.

The question of a successor also has to be considered.

Well respected Mrs Pennelope Beckles had shown an interest before. The young bright Dr Amery Browne has a track record of service, while the Dynasty effect can see Brian Manning having a head start, but he may have to prove to the population he can serve as his father has done.

I have seen two respectable persons on the landscape, Clarence Rambharat and Sean Sobers. Both have contributed well in the senate.

When Dr Eric Williams died we lost the opportunity to really unite the country. Back then both long serving members Kamal Mohamned and Errol Mahabir were bypassed for the leadership position.

I have a dream that one day an East Indian like Clarence Rambharat can lead the PNM and an Afro Trinidadian like Sean Sobers can lead the UNC.

Imagine what would happen to the ethnic voters of both parties.