GML’s managing director Brandon Khan elbows Crime Watch’s Ian Alleyne on his return to CNC3.

Ian Alleyne’s Crime Watch will resume airing on CNC 3 from 6 pm today.

Alleyne said he’s spent the last five years expanding and strengthening the brand which he described as a “voice for the down-trodden and oppressed,” but admitted that he was excited “to be back home.”

Viewers would have last seen Alleyne on the Guardian Media network back in 2016.

Four years older and four years wiser, Alleyne said, “I am really happy to be back.”

Crime Watch will continue to be produced by Alleyne and team at his studio in Chaguanas, and streamed live on CNC 3.

Accompanying Alleyne to the historic signing with managing director, Guardian Media Ltd (GML), Brandon Khan yesterday afternoon was Alleyne’s close friend and also his attorney, Om Lalla.

On the two mending fences, Alleyne said, “This is somebody I could never forget.”

Joking that he could forget Lalla for a lot of things, Alleyne lightened the moment as he smilingly promised, “I won’t be a Judas to you again.”

Commenting on the return of Crime Watch to GML, Lalla said, “It is an exciting move. The reach of CNC3 and the programming that Crime Watch offers, Ian wants to carry it to a different level. So many times we see problems taking place in the society and there is the need for coverage, the need for people to vent the issues..Ian has been able to achieve that and he has learnt a lot over the years. I think CNC3 is going to allow him to reach an even higher level of excellence.”

Alleyne said, “People who are so upset and saddened by what’s happening in this country, they feel they have no voice…just to let them know I am taking it to a different level.”

Alleyne left GML in 2016 and said in the intervening time he has grown and learnt a lot and is eager to bring that to this new partnership.

Welcoming the more seasoned-Alleyne back into the fold, Khan said, “We have always believed in Ian Alleyne and Crime Watch and the potential of the programme to help viewers, to help the down-trodden and those without a voice, especially in this very difficult time.

“We are very glad and very happy to have Crime Watch back as part of our line-up on CNC3. It is in keeping with our new motto of being The Guardian of the People and this certainly fits into that, in that we want to help, we want to alleviate and we want to make a difference and Mr Alleyne is going to help us do that,” Khan said.