Blue Chip Technologies director Andre Soodeen is offering free training and support for the establishment of online platforms in schools.

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A San Fernando based Information and Communication Technology Company is offering free training for teachers and parents to assist with online learning.

Managing director of Blue Chip Technologies Ltd says his 12-member team has been setting up registration and Google Workspace for Education in several schools in South Trinidad.

This includes all the services of the paid Google Workspace for Business service as well as Google Classroom.

Speaking exclusively to Guardian Media, Soodeen said having been Google resellers for the past eight years, he was familiar with all the services offered.

“We have assisted Naparima College, St Peter’s Private Primary School, Cedar Grove Primary School and San Fernando TML School,” Soodeen added.

He noted that the feedback from the schools has been very positive.

“Students are now able to access content 24/7 which would ordinarily not be available in the traditional classroom as well as interact with their teachers and classmates online through video conferencing which is built-in to the platform,” he said.

He noted that access to devices and Internet connectivity continues to be a challenge for some people.

However, he said COVID-19 has acted as a trigger to push the platform forward.

“We were able to successfully implement within a short space of time because of the process we developed internally,” he added.

Soodeen said he and his team were willing to offer free services.

“As long as the school is willing to work with us and our process, which ensures success, our services are offered for free All we ask in return would be either referrals or the opportunity to quote if the school has an ICT project we can handle,” he said.

Noting that Google has a reputation for deploying solutions on a massive scale, Soodeen said Google’s services are the best.

“With Google Workplace for Education, the Classroom services ensure 100 per cent of the class can be reached at any time of the day. This allows for remedial work to be better structured as well with the statistical analysis provided by Classroom so the teacher is better able to structure classes and provide more individual attention to students in need,” Soodeen added.

He said changes should be made in the way the curriculum is delivered in schools.

“We need to move from the industrial era of education where a child enters the system, taught a multitude of subjects and when they exit choose their career path. Most times graduates have no idea what they want to do. My hope would be we can begin the streamlining process from the primary level once the basics are covered and help them develop a career path through assessment. We also need to focus on a continuous assessment system and not subject the child to the stress associated with SEA, CAPE and CSEC,” he said.

Meanwhile, IT teacher at San Fernando TML Primary Safiyya Ali says Blue Chip Technologies has done a great job in administrating the G-Suite platform.

“Many teachers are using it to teach classes and it has been working out really well. It’s a great platform for reaching students and posting assignments in aiding a teacher to put work out and gathering back assignments. It has set up an online environment and they are there for any support we need,” Ali said.

She said the principal pioneered online learning at the school since 2017.

“With the assistance of Mr Imtiaz Hosein, we often sit down with Mr Soodeen and work out issues. We were able to navigate online learning since March when the lockdown first started,” Ali said

Mohammed-Narine her school has now started partnering with the other TML Schools – St Joseph TML and Libertville TML.

“Out ICT team had volunteered they services to assist in the changeover and training of the teachers,” she said.

San Fernando TML topped the country in the Secondary Entrance Examinations this year after their student Ameera Beekhoo won first place.

Anyone wanting to access Blue Chip Technologies free services can contact Soodeen at 609- BCTT or call Toll Free 1-855-621-5587 ext 100.