While the Government has heightened its border patrols to halt the importation of COVID-19, South Western Division police spent Sunday night and yesterday morning searching for a group of illegal Venezuelan immigrants.

A report stated that around 7.30 pm Sunday, someone alerted Erin police to a pirogue dropping off illegal immigrants on Erin Beach.

Cpl Nagassar and WPC Parks responded, and on arrival to the beach, they saw approximately 25 people disembarking a white pirogue about 500 ft away along the shoreline.

As Nagassar and Parks approached, the people began shouting in Spanish.

Police said several of them ran into nearby bushes while others returned to the boat which sped out towards the Columbus Channel.

Officers from the South Western Division Task Force, Emergency Response Patrol and Criminal Investigations Department joined the search.

Up to yesterday morning, they did not find the illegal immigrants.