Deputy Commissioner Mc Donald addresses CCTV Operators and Crisis Management Coordinators at the Central Division OCC

Residents and business owners in the Central Division are expected to experience a major improvement in police response times for calls for service within the next few weeks.

The announcement was made yesterday by Deputy Commissioner of Police Mc Donald Jacob, who officially commissioned the Central Division Operational Command Centre (OCC).

A TTPS release said the OCC is specifically staffed with a dedicated, skilled team of CCTV operators and crisis management coordinators who will provide real-time monitoring and support to the TTPS E-999 Command Centre in St. James.

At the commissioning, Jacob also disclosed that the Central Division received further reinforcement of manpower and additional vehicles, which will result in enhanced coordination and swifter response to distress calls and crime prevention and detection.

This shift replaces an old model known as the wireless room.

The areas that have benefitted from this increased manpower, are the Central Division’s Emergency Response Patrol and the Traffic and Highway Patrol Branch.

A recent review of their operations revealed there was limited coordination between the units.

This gap was addressed and there is now a unison between the responding units.

Jacob noted that crucial to crime-fighting, is the continuous re-evaluating and proper channelling of resources to better serve citizens and suppress crime.

As such, the OCC’s operations will be reviewed to measure its effectiveness as part of the TTPS’ thrust towards modern and contemporary policing.

He told staff that their role is extremely critical in the division’s efforts to achieve a reduction in crime, particularly in the holiday season, while challenging them to embrace upcoming training which will develop their current skills.

Jacobs said he will personally be a part of this training, offering the operators and coordinators certain skills that are pivotal in operations.

Acting Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of Operations, Erla Christopher, told th officers that the Executive of the TTPS is aware of the challenges being faced by the division and is working closely with senior officers to deliver the necessary resources to improve their crime-fighting arsenal.