Pundit Teka Samnarine, left, conducts a Hindu ritual yesterday at the office of the Couva South MP at Camden Road. Also taking part in the pooja were Kerry Khadoo, second from left, and Oma Gopiechan.

Shastri Boodan

Couva South MP Rudranath Indarsingh wants to know whether there was a conspiracy orchestrated by the Prime Minister and top Government officials to dismiss contract workers attached to the office of the Commissioner of Police.

He raised the issue when he spoke yesterday at Divali celebrations hosted by his constituency offices at Camden Couva.

Indarsingh said T&T has no Commissioner of Police, no acting CoP and no Police Service Commission.

He said, “There is a sense of hopelessness in terms of where we are and in the direction we are going. In this regard it is not the behaviour of the MP for Couva South, it is not the behaviour of the Leader of the Opposition should be called into question and my colleagues in the Parliament of T&T but it is the behaviour or the purported behaviour of Her Excellency as it relates to the withdrawal of the merit list as it relates to the appointment of a Police Commissioner. It is whether the PM, as the high official, went to the compound of the President and influenced the office holder in the person of Miss Bliss Seepersad, who was the chairperson of the PSC and withdrew that list. We are in darkness in terms of who instructed who and for what reason that merit was withdrawn.”

Indarsingh said the darkness continued with the dismissal of workers attached to the office of the commissioner.

“I call upon to tell the Prime Minister to clarify or tell the nation whether he was involved or had a hand in the dismissal of civilian personnel who was recruited at the office of the CoP within the last three years,” he said.

He said, “Interestingly the dismissal of personnel contracted under the process of due process comes at a time when the substantive Minister of National Security, I am advised, has left the country and Minister Stewart Young is acting as Minister of National Security. Interestingly Minister Young was the substantive Minister for most of the period when the hiring of civilians at the office of the CoP.”

Indarsingh said this move would see more police being put back on desk duty and the State having to pay substantial funds to buy out contracts.