Independent candidates for Hindustan/St Mary’s, Ariel Saunders (left) and Peterson Morales (right) stand together for the media, after Ariel Saunders cast his vote today, Monday 25 January 2021. (Image: RISHI RAGOONATH)

The two Independent candidates seeking to wrestle control of the Hindustan/St Mary’s electoral district from the PNM and UNC are confident of their victory.

Guardian Media caught up with both candidates Ariel Saunders and Peterson Morales near the Tableland Secondary School.

Saunders voted at Cowen Hamilton Secondary School, today (Monday 25 January 2021).

“We mounted a very successful campaign and I think that today, Trinidad and Tobago will see the results of the work we put in,” Saunders told Guardian Media.

He received no reports of any issues and while there has been a steady flow of voters, the turn out so far has been low.

Morales, a businessman, was not eligible to vote as he does not live within the electoral district. He thanked Saunders for a clean campaign.

“l look forward to victory.  In the event that I am not victorious, we will work together to make this constituency a better place,” he said.

Morales reported that the voting process has been smooth, so far.

It is a four-way race for the Hindustan/St Mary’s district as Saunders and Morales are going up against the PNM candidate Martina Loubon-Le Gendre, and the UNC candidate, Tylon Farrell.