Voster Yearwood

A police inspector has been charged with perverting the course of public justice and misbehaviour in public office.

Inspector Voster Yearwood was arrested and charged on Wednesday by officers of the Court and Process Branch followin advice given by the Director of Public ProsecutionsRoger Gaspard SC.

Yearwood, who was last attached to the SRP Adjutant Office, was charged with two offences—perverting the course of public justice and misbehaviour in public office.

A release from the Police Service said his his arrest arose out of an incident where three non-nationals—Joelmis Riqwack Mesa, Jose Maria Gonzalez and Gullermina Pena Perez, were arrested on June 5, 2017, after police conducted an enquiry after the three were observed to be acting suspiciously when the police vehicle approached them along Southern Main Road, Marabella.

The three foreigners were taken to the Marabella Police Station to verify their immigration status, where it was discovered that two of the suspects were residing in Trinidad legally, while the third did not produce any passport or travel document.

It is alleged that around 12. 04 am on June 6, 2017, Yearwood went to Marabella Police Station, identified himself as a Police Inspector to the officers on duty and allegedly indicated that three suspects who were detained at the said station were his friends and he could vouch for their legality in T&T.

However, the accused was informed that no passport or travel documents were provided for Joelmis Riqwack Mesa. It was alleged that Yearwood then instructed a female officer to release the three non-nationals into his care.

He was informed again that no passport or travel documents were produced for one of the foreigners.

Around 12.15 am on June 6, 2017, Yearwood allegedly left the station with three non-nationals in his private motor vehicle.

Investigations were conducted which led to Yearwood being charged by acting Senior Supt Nazrudeen Pragg, head of the Court and Process Branch.

Yearwood appeared virtually before a Justice of the Peace in Port-ofSpain and was granted $50,000 bail on each of the charges. The case was adjourned to October 20.

Father granted bail

on child cruelty charge

A 46-year-old man of Cascade, has been granted $75,000 bail with a surety on a charge of cruelty to a child.

The accused was arrested and charged with cruelty of a child by officers of the Child Protection Unit (CPU) on Wednesday.

The victim, a minor, reported to officers that his father tried feeding him.

The boy refused to eat. During the process some food spilled on the ground. While the minor was cleaning the floor, it is alleged that the accused picked up a brown belt and placed it around the boy’s neck and dragged him from the kitchen to the dining room.

It is alleged the accused also kicked the boy.

WPC Bostic was detailed to conduct the investigations which resulted in the father being arrested by officers the Child Protection Unit (CPU).

He appeared virtually in the Port of Spain Magistrates’ Court and was granted bail in the sum of $75,000 with the condition that he has no contact with the boy.

Sub-machine gun, animals

seized in raids

Officers of the Northern Division arrested four people and seized drugs, prohibited animals, a firearm and ammunition during an anti-crime exercise in east Trinidad.

A report said as a result of information and surveillance conducted, officers searched several areas in at Transport Street, Brazil which resulted in the seizure of two kilogrammes of marijuana, several prohibited animals which included two lappe and two wild hogs, several hound dogs and birds kept in cages.

The Emperor Valley Zoo and the Forestry Divisions were contacted and they took possession of the animals for safe keeping.

As the exercise continued, the officers received information of a firearm hidden in a forested area off Brazil Lomé Trace, San Rafael.

They went to the location and in a makeshift camp and found one black M4 sub-machine gun with a magazine containing two rounds of 5.56 ammunition wrapped in cloth and plastic.

PC Ramey is continuing investigations.

The exercise was coordinated by senior Supt Aroon Ramkalawan and acing Inspector Pitt and supervised by Sgt. Williams, Cpl Gordon, acting Cpl Ali and PC Hall and included officers of the Major Operations Unit, the Cumuto Police, Area East Operations and the Canine Unit.