The InterClub of Trinidad & Tobago said it has noted with outrage, the increasing abuse against females of all ages in T&T.

In a statement yesterday the organisation said: “Our young, vulnerable women are at particular risk just by stepping out the door to go to and from their workplaces, or at social events, and that is not acceptable.”

It said the abuse and violence, which escalated exponentially, “now affects all of us as citizens of this country, and this must end. Many women are at risk in their homes as well as incest, domestic abuse and mental aggravation are meted out to them daily. Human Trafficking of females is another abuse.”

The InterClub said some women protect their spouses and relatives from prosecution by hiding family issues, creating the violent men who are now attacking all of us in the most heinous manner.

“Our homes should not be battlefields of violence, but places of comfort and respite from the everyday stresses of life.

There are now few public places in which women of all ages can feel comfortable, and this should not be so. The InterClub joins with other concerned groups and individuals by denouncing the growing number of fatal attacks against our women. This is totally unacceptable,” the organisation said.

The InterClub, as an umbrella organisation of women’s service groups with a mission to help the vulnerable in the country, are of the view that all women must enjoy the freedom to live life fully, without fear of harm.

It said, “Let us all get together to effect change—from legislators to educators, to opinion leaders and all the other groups which influence our society. Change will come only if we stand in solidarity against those who see women as prey, whether in the songs they sing, or by physical fatal attacks, just because we are vulnerable.”

The InterClub said it lends its “voice to the adoption of strong laws passed by our Parliament to protect and respect women of this country, and by extension, every citizen of our beloved Trinidad & Tobago.”