Doubles, the ultimate Trini street food.
Sham Mahabir, International Doubles Day founder, and owner of London restaurant, Limin’.

International Doubles Day 2020 will be celebrated, virtually, this Saturday 30th May 2020.

International Doubles Day founder, Sham Mahabir—owner of London restaurant Limin’—is encouraging everyone to celebrate the day with him on Saturday, from the safety and comfort of home, by cooking, sharing and eating doubles on that day.

Sham Mahabir says he is on a mission to share Trini food and culture with the rest of world, and admits to having a long love affair with doubles, in particular.

“It goes back to my childhood, when on a Saturday morning, Mum would bring them back for the family with her weekly shop at the market,” he recalls. “As I grew older, I came to appreciate their taste and value, but it wasn’t until I got to the UK, 22 years ago, that I realised how much they meant to me and how difficult they were to find here.”

Sham founded International Doubles Day last year to much praise, not least from the family of doubles creators, Emamool and Rasulan Deen, who have dubbed Sham, “the World Doubles Ambassador”.

He has shared his family recipe, passed down through the generations, for the first time, for this year’s International Doubles Day, complete with step-by-step instructions via a Facebook video, at

Everyone joining in the celebration on Saturday is invited to share their efforts at cooking and eating doubles—with either pictures or video—using #internationaldoublesday, by posting on Facebook and Twitter (@GetSomeDoubles); and via Instagram at

Image courtesy International Doubles Day Facebook.