Members of the public take advantage of the COVID-19 vaccination drive-thru service at the Hasley Crawford Stadium in Port-of-Spain yesterday.

The Ministry of Health is investigating reports of fraudulent vaccination practices by some members of the population.

Guardian Media was made aware that some people were lying about their vaccination status at vaccination sites to receive additional vaccine doses or to facilitate vaccine combinations of their choosing but not supported under the current vaccination policy in Trinidad and Tobago.

The practice has also been noted by the Barkeepers’ and Owner’s Association president Satesh Moonasar who confirmed to Guardian Media he has received such reports. He said bars operating as safe zones have noticed people presenting two local vaccination cards, each with one dose of different vaccines on them.

Asked about the occurrence at Monday’s virtual press conference by Guardian Media, Minister of Health Terrence Deyalsingh said the ministry was exploring the legal avenues for prosecution against perpetrators.

“We have been looking at that because those same reports did come to us,” he said.

He said while these people may have been able to escape detection due to a paper-based registration system at vaccination sites, they will be detected once the digital system is completed.

“If there are any legal ramifications for those persons we will deal that then,” he said.

However, he asked that anyone with “hard information” on the occurrence come forward and share it with the ministry.

“Whenever we ask for the hard information we never get it. So if anybody has the hard information, the name of a person, a phone number- please let us know. Let us work together,” he said.