Vernrick Hudlin

The family of Moruga resident Vernrick Hudlin, who was killed by an off-duty policeman, has been visited by the lead investigator as investigations continue into the incident.

Hudlin’s mother Mary Hudlin-Walker said the investigators came Monday spoke to them and took a statement from her daughter who went to the Forensic Science Centre for the autopsy.

She said they had asked that Hudlin’s phone and his other personal belongings that the police have in their possession be returned to them.

She said, “A whole month gone already and I need to get his phone.”

She is hoping that the investigation would be expedited and they would get justice. “Is only a runaround but God is good. One day they will stop running around.”

Hudlin was shot in the abdomen by an off-duty policeman on August 29 in the Ridge View HDC community, St Mary’s Village.

Hudlin, 54, fondly called Myman, lived and worked as a watchman/plant attendant at the Gomez Trace Wastewater Treatment Plant in the community for about six years.

The policeman also lives in the community.

Hudlin’s death sparked two days of protest action as villagers and residents called for justice.

The officer involved claimed that Hudlin attacked him with a cutlass following an altercation and he shot him with his service revolver.

A video of the incident shows a car stopping suddenly in front of Hudlin. He quickly stepped to the side.

Within the space of five to six seconds, Hudlin walked up to the front passenger’s window, raised his cutlass, and then fell to the ground after being shot.

The driver and the passenger then exited the car, lifted Hudlin, and placed him in the car.

He was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. Guardian Media was reliably informed that the lead investigator Supt Nobie had been in quarantine for 20 days after being exposed to COVID-19 and returned to work on September 28.

However, in his absence aspects of the investigations were still ongoing.

The investigator is expected to interview the officer after he interviews and record statements from all the witnesses.

The Police Complaints Authority is also investigating the killing.