It is safe to say that COVID-19 has reshaped the mental and physical contours of our lives and since that is the case then we as a society must weigh the current position and do an evaluation of where we are heading.

This change in life did not come unannounced but with prior notice and how we are dealing with its presence is still to be known.

A particular area that is causing a bit of concern is how visually impaired or blind persons are dealing with the adaptations that are now in full swing.

One might have thought that assisting a blind person to cross the street was something which was considered noble.

However, with the virus it becomes difficult to perform such kind acts so I hope that good sense would prevail and mercy will reach out and touch the hearts of those who are not inclined to lend a helping hand.

Social distancing does not mean you should avoid assisting a blind person in any way possible.

At times a morbid feeling drives a wheel of depression deep into the path of human understanding. If the blind and the visually impaired have to comply with the washing of hands, wearing masks and social distancing, how feasible would it be for these folks to cope with the instructions given to protect them from this potent virus.

As we look into the problems facing blind and visually impaired persons, it becomes urgent for the ones in charge to move swiftly to avoid a possible calamity.

Some amendments must be made to ensure assistance for these folks but the public must be the first in line to help. With the understanding of their disposition, only unadulterated help will solve or reduce the upcoming obstacles.

Let us visualise some of the daily problems that can occur: Just imagine these folks going to the bank, grocery, any public bulding, or even just crossing the street, can a blind or visually impaired person cope on their own in these places while following all public health protocols? The short answer is no.

Now what are the alternatives that can be put in place for these folks to function? Only from a human perspective can one envisage what the outcome could be.

My humble suggestion is, if a blind or visually impaired person needs assistance in a public space, once you are both masked and have access to hand sanitiser or hand washing facilities, you should definitely do all within your power to help. The main solution remains human kindness and that stems from godliness.

A key factor that has always stalled progress within the elderly community is the lack of collaboration. If only these folks can come together and unite as one, what a powerful movement would emerge.

The members of the blind and visually impaired community must, and I over-emphasise the importance of the word must, come forth and express their concerns, it is of no use if a scattered approach is adopted. That will only produce unsatisfactory results.

With the COVID-19 pandemic ravaging throughout society, it must be having a devastating effect on these folks. What is certain is if the visually impaired and the blind stay at home as much as possible and only venture out when it is necessary, the number of COVID-19 cases within the community will remain low.

However, if and when these folks have to leave their homes to attend to something of importance it will be useful to have someone trustworthy to accompany them.

There is a problem that strikes to the heart of the trust issue. If there is a lack of trust it becomes difficult for som eone to open up.

A blind or visually impaired person is dependent on whoever moving about with them so to those who assume this responsibility, please do so with mercy in mind.

I once heard from a blind person: your hands are your eyes. I found that statement to be rather pertinent and relevant. I am hoping that with the passage of time the issue of paying attention to these folks will become an area of great importance,

COVID-19 has placed a number of blind and visually impaired persons under serious restrictions. This virus is serious and must be taken with all the precautions possible.

Kind and compassionate actions must be a solution as it pertains to these folks. If our society can produce a positive attitude towards the blind and visually impaired then a great percentage of negativity will vanish.

Please remember the old saying that you never know, at a moment’s notice anyone can become disabled.

Life is unpredictable so it is imperative that we as a society pay close attention to how we operate. Keep in mind that mercy is a tool that balances the fabric of our future. Avoid despair, come together and work with each other. Remember goodness heals the humanity in you.

Wash your hands, wear your mask and please keep your social distance.