Deputy THA Chief Secretary, Joel Jack

Casandra Thompson-Forbes

Deputy Political Leader and Secretary for Finance and the Economy in the THA Joel Jack said he will continue to be a team player despite not being elected to the post of Chief Secretary.

Jack was one of two persons tipped to become Chief Secretary following the resignation of Kelvin Charles but was overlooked by the political leader of the People’s National Movement’s Tobago Council, Tracy Davidson-Celestine.

Jack supported Tracy Davidson-Celestine in her bid to become Political Leader of the PNM Tobago Council during the party’s internal elections in January.

Many expected that Jack would have been given the post of Chief Secretary, but Ancil Dennis was given the nod.

Questioned on how he felt about the decision, Jack said, he will continue to give the Chief Secretary and the Political Leader his support.

“Let me say that I am a team player and that I continue to serve in whatever capacity I am asked to and I am here to give support to the Chief Secretary, the new Chief Secretary and as well to the Political Leader, as we seek to ensure that the PNM remains at the helm of this administration moving forward and as we face two elections,” he said.

Jack was one of three challengers against Charles, who stepped up for the leadership post, but was knocked out in the first round after he garnered 1,066 votes, the third-highest race.

However, in the runoff round, there were negotiations and Jack threw his support behind Davidson-Celestine.

He said, in his capacity, his priority was to continue Tobago’s developmental momentum.

“So even as the question was brought up at this forum, let me congratulate the Honourable Ancil Dennis on his appointment and as we work together to ensure that we continue this island’s development and that the island’s developmental momentum remains unabated, even in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic,” he said

Jack continues to be the Deputy Chief and Secretary for Finance and the Economy in the THA.

As the sitting assemblyman for the electoral district of Bacolet/Mt St George, he was the only person who did not have to vacate his office, after Dennis was sworn in as Chief Secretary since the post of Deputy Chief Secretary is an elected position in line with the THA Act No. 40 of 1996.