25-year-old KENDALL KHAN was sentenced to 6 months jail on charges of malicious damage to his neighbour's goat. (Image: TTPS)

A Moruga man who chopped his neighbour’s goat in a fit of rage because it ate his crops, has been jailed for six months.

During a virtual hearing before Princes Town Magistrate Indira Missir-Gosine, Kendall Khan, of La Lune Village, pleaded guilty to malicious damage of the animal.  The goat reportedly died two days later.

Prosecutor Sgt Ramdeo Sookdeo told the court that the incident took place on Saturday 21 November 2020. 

Reports are that around 9:10 pm on that day, Khan had an augment with his neighbour over his goat eating Khan’s crops.  Khan stormed off and returned with a cutlass.  He reportedly went to the back of his neighbour’s house where he chopped the animal on its head and back.  

The neighbour called the police who, when they arrived, ordered the accused to drop the cutlass.  He complied.  When the police told him about the report, he reportedly said:

“I hit the goat two chop on the back and neck. All yuh want curry goat?”

The accused was arrested and taken to the police station where he was charged by PC Huggins. 

Khan did not have an attorney. He told the magistrate he was angry because the goat was always eating his crops.

He had no previous convictions or pending matters.