A Marabella man learnt the hard way that walking into a police station unmasked and drunk is not the best idea.

Phillip Henry Stamer reportedly got into a confrontation with the police, which led to him being charged and subsequently imprisoned for 30 days.

Stamer, who was on bail for another matter, went to the Marabella Police Station on Wednesday to get his book signed, per instructions by the magistrate as a condition of his bail. When he walked into the station around 11 am, WPC Hepburn observed that he was not wearing a face mask and was swaying on his feet.  She inquired from Stamer, whom she also knows as Supervisee, why he was not wearing a mask.

“Girl just sign meh book,” he reportedly shouted, as he began walking out the station.

Guardian Media understands that when the officer reminded him that not wearing a face mask in public was an offence, he turned around and responded with obscene language. 

WPC Hepburn informed him he was under offence and held on to his hand. However, Stamer is said to have violently pulled away from her. With help from her colleagues, the officer arrested Stamer and took him to the charge room, but he refused to give his fingerprint impressions and to be photographed.

“Ah not giving nothing and ah not taking no picture,” he reportedly shouted.

Stamer was then charged with obscene language, resisting arrest, being drunk in a public place and refusing to take his fingerprint impressions.

He pleaded guilty during a virtual appearance before San Fernando Senior Magistrate Armina Deonarinesingh and was sentenced to 30 days on each charge.  However, the sentences were ordered to run concurrently.