Jamaican national Garth Perkins, who was killed along Broadway, Port-of-Spain on Monday night.

Investigations continue into the murder of a man who was shot dead on Monday night along Broadway in Port-of-Spain when he stopped to purchase a meal.

He was identified as Jamaican national Garth Perkins.

Perkins was well known in the events coordination sector and formerly worked at Hyatt.

Police said around 7.30 pm, mere seconds after a police patrol drove past Perkins’ parked vehicle, a gunman ran up to him.

Perkins attempted to run off but he was shot several times and collapsed on the road next to his car where he died. Eyewitnesses told the police that the gunman ran away into the nearby Sea Lots area.

As news of Perkins’ killing spread one of his friends posted a tribute to him on social media.

“Garth Perkins, can’t believe you’re not here anymore. Even though we haven’t spoken in a long while since I was no longer working at Hyatt, you always remained as one of the coolest and humble persons I knew there,” Perkins’ friend said.

He added, “Appreciated all your jokes and personality that always made a room of people smile no matter what. You were a good brother to be around and I respected you. Really hurts to know this world took you away from us. Thanks for all the good memories…Rest easy my Jamaican brother!”

Police are searching for the suspect.