Businesswoman Jenny Dan-Sharma.


Exactly one week after owner of popular Port-of-Spain restaurant Jenny’s on the Boulevard slammed the police for alleged harassment at her business, Jenny Dan-Sharma says she’s moved on and has given the assurance the T&T Police Service has her full support as they continue their probe into a shooting incident on her property.

Speaking to the Guardian Media yesterday, Dan-Sharma said, “In spite of the incident recently at my business, I’ve moved past that and am 100 per cent in support of my community police officers and will continue to champion, trust and maintain my good relationship, as I’ve done in the past.”

On Tuesday this week, police officers investigating a shooting incident that occurred earlier at Dan-Sharma’s business, located along Cipriani Boulevard, found at least nine bullet holes in various areas of the building. A police officer confirmed gunmen opened fire between 2 and 2.30 am on Tuesday and that there was structural damage to the building, including bullet holes in several glass windows. Police said the gunmen were seen leaving the scene in a white vehicle. A Cumuto man was detained for questioning but he was released from police custody on Thursday.

On the investigations into the shooting, Dan-Sharma said she was satisfied with how the police had been handling the matter.

“They are constantly supportive and liaising with us since the incident and yes, I am very optimistic as they are getting rapid response and making progress on this matter,” she said.

Asked if she was aware that a man was detained for questioning in connection with the incident, she replied, “No. I have no information pertaining to the person in custody from Cumuto but I heard someone was being interrogated.”

Asked if the shooting incident has affected her business, Dan-Sharma replied: “Our customer flow is no different from the norm. They are more concerned about our well being. And I want to thank the public for their overwhelming messages, calls and concerns.”

However, Dan-Sharma said the incident has not affected her in any way.

“I try not to think too much of anything. We live in very trying times, any moment can be unfortunate or distressing. If it happens, we have to deal with it and move forward quickly. It’s always how we deal with it that matters. I am not panicky or fearful. I have increased security. Armed and unarmed.”

Dan-Sharma, however, said she was hopeful the COVID restrictions on the sale of alcohol during in-house dining can be lifted.

“Maybe 1-2 glasses maximum. It’s very tough on people at this time. They just want to be out and relax a bit. It’s very difficult for many people to dine without having a drink or two. I hope it will be lifted soon,” Dan-Sharma said.

She also noted that the vaccine is also “very important to us as we need to get things back to normal.”

The shooting incident occurred three days after Dan-Sharma made a public post on social media alleging police harassment over the COVID-19 protocols at her business.

On March 13, Sharma alleged police harassment when at about 10.15 pm, three vans loaded with approximately 8-12 officers walked into her business. She said they proceeded to indicate that they were in breach of the COVID protocols although it was not yet at the 10.30 pm closing time stipulated under the protocols. She said there were only a few customers still there at the time as they were wrapping up.