Fog Angels bandleaders Telle Cruz and Keri Beri who got married during J’Ouvert celebrations in Tobago.

Tobago enjoyed relatively safe J’Ouvert celebrations as only minor incidents were reported by police.

Celebrations were held in three separate communities, Scarborough, Roxborough and Crown Point, with each giving their unique representation of J’Ouvert morning 2020.

However, it was a wedding that occurred in the midst of the J’Ouvert Celebrations in Crown Point which was the high point of the event in Tobago.

After proposing to his long time girlfriend Keri Beri during J’Ouvert 2019, bandleader of Carnival Band Fog Angels Telle Cruz wanted to have their symbolic nuptials on the road to include their band members. The couple exchanged vows at the top of a truck during J’Ouvert celebrations at Crown Point much to the amazement and delight of revellers.

In an interview with Guardian Media Telle Cruz said, their actual wedding occurred in January, but wanted a symbolic moment with their loyal supporters.

“This is something that we started in Fog Angels and I’m happy to see people like Machel follow, and people like Swappi follow, so we are glad that Fog Angels at least produced something out of Tobago for the world to look at and for the world to follow. We love J’ouvert, we love Carnival, this is what we live for, we have the biggest band in Tobago, every year masqueraders from all over the world come down to play with us here in Tobago. This is what we do, this is what we love, so it’s only right that we share this moment with them,” Cruz said.

J’Ouvert celebrations kicked off in Tobago at 4 am, with revellers having to choose from three different locations on the island. Scarborough, Crown Point and Roxborough. There was also a high-security presence at all locations.

ACP Tobago Vernon Roberts said there were no major incidents reported

“We had approximately seven thousand revellers. We put a number of initiatives in place to ensure that the J’Ouvert was safe. The J’Ouvert experience in Roxborough was very small with approximately two hundred and fifty persons. Three persons were arrested for the possession of the dangerous drug marijuana, Scarborough was relatively quiet, but so far everything is going according to plan” Roberts said

Both Scarborough and Roxborough came alive with the parade of adult bands Monday afternoon, while the action continued last night with Monday night mas at both locations.