Juctice Frank Seepersad

The Judiciary has claimed that an error with its random case assignment system, which resulted in outspoken High Court Judge Frank Seepersad being recently “bumped off” from being assigned new cases, is not a cause for concern.

In a press release issued yesterday, the Judiciary indicated that such errors were normal, had happened in the past and had been speedily corrected.

“On the odd occasion, the automated system may arbitrarily de-select a Judge from the assignment of cases,” it said.

“This issue has been treated appropriately on any occasion it has arisen and in no way affects the random assignment of matters as they continued to be assigned to all other Judges on the civil docket,” it added.

The Judiciary also reaffirmed its commitment to best practices in the delivery of justice.

“The institution aims to ensure that members of the public have continuing access to Judicial Officers who are dedicated to the just and expeditious disposition of all matters,” it added.

Guardian Media understands that Seepersad made a complaint to Justice Ricky Rahim, who chairs the Case Calendaring and Management Committee, and after he realised that no new cases had been assigned to him for several months.

Seepersad has since been restored to the system.