Junior Bisnath,left, guides Riannel Mendoza as she uses a drill press machine to build one of the stands.

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He is best known as the leader of the popular cultural group KaisoKah Moko Jumbies but these days with entertainment at a standstill Junior Bisnath is putting his creativity to a different use.

He has created the Dr Robotic Screen Stand, wooden supports available in two sizes for cell phones and other electronic devices.

Bisnath, a retired joiner, came up with the idea after his wife Victoria, complained about how difficult it was to be continually holding her device to view videos and other online content. She said she had to keep changing positions and shifting hands and the device would become hot and unable to hold.

Bisnath, 63, went into his woodwork shop and eventually came up with the design for his first screen stand which he made from lumber, knots and bolts, and wing knots for mechanical mobility.

“This is working out perfect! I was fed up holding the phone in my hands to listen to the news. The screen stand is faithful, it was something I really wanted,” an appreciative Victoria said.

That project has also provided Bisnath with the opportunity to teach the young members of KaisoKah Moko Jumbies about self-sustenance now that school is on vacation.

Noting that for the past 16-months education has become heavily reliant on electronic devices, Bisnath said his screen stand provides a comfortable way to use phones, tablets and computers for online classes, as well as working from home.

He said he would like to get support from the education ministry to promote the use of the screen stand among students.

Several of Bisnath’s young proteges have been using the stands and they describe it as well thought out, so that they no longer have to resort to makeshift items to prop up their devices.

“You can multitask and not just be subjected to using the phone alone at a time. With the stand you can do other things,” Bisnath said.

“Many times people try to multitask and the phone would fall and crack and with this, you can prevent that while you video chat and take selfies easy.”