Opposition Leader and UNC Political Leader, Kamla Persad-Bissessar SC MP, during the UNC Virtual Report on Monday 19 October 2020. (Image courtesy United National Congress)

United National Congress political leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar believes her “haters” are against her decision to let people from moderate backgrounds into position of leadership.

The Opposition Leader addressed the growing criticism of her from members of her own party.

She was addressing the United National Congress Virtual Report on Monday night.

“We are not a party for a few who rather determined movement for many and we will fight for all we will fight for everyone. I tell anybody I will always be at your side whether you support us whether you don’t sometimes but we will be there to defend your rights your liberties and freedom as a leader whether you like me or not,” said Persad-Bissessar.

She said unlike many of her detractors, she never abandoned the UNC, noting that many who now oppose her leadership had either left the party outright or campaigned against it.

“I can never understand why some attack the UNC campaign against UNC call you supporters, sycophants and then they want to lead the UNC, the same membership that you degrade,” she said.

“I will fight to the end of all of you. I told you many times before if you work hard the party will elevate you and that’s what we’ve seen with some believe the entitled they have a sense of entitlement. And that entitlement has to do because of family connections,” she also said.

She pointed to the elevation of Moruga/Tableland MP Michelle Benjamin as an example of a person of modest background ascending to leadership, stressing that the days of “doctor politics” are done. She further defended her leadership in the face of detractors, who she claims only view the party as tool to get them into governance. “They believe that they deserve positions based on some caste or class system to which they subscribe, the UNC haters. The membership of UNC is viewed by some as a vehicle to ride on as if we could have right on to get into office. They do not generally care about our members or members of put them in office and when they are out of office, they will turn around and do what curse the very same members and denigrate them,” she said.

In recent months, some UNC membersmost notably former minister Devant Maharaj has actively called for the Siparia MP to relinquish her leadership.

This campaign has seen a series of billboards being erected calling for her resignation.