Opposition Leader Kamla Persad- Bissessar SC MP.

The following is an official statement from the Leader of the Opposition, Kamla Persad-Bissessar SC MP, in response to Government’s moves to extend the current State of Emergency.

Opposition Leader: Rowley’s move to extend the SoE without a data driven explanation is disastrous

Keith Rowley’s move to extend the State of Emergency for a further three months reveals his bankruptcy of ideas in dealing with the pandemic. The Government keeps insisting they are “following the science”, yet Rowley’s misguided policies appear to be driven by his desire to be a dictator rather than scientific data.

It is clear to everyone that objectives of the State of Emergency have not been realized, as cases and the death toll from COVID-19 continue to climb. The SoE has only succeeded in one thing; destroying thousands of jobs by closing down thousands of small and medium sized businesses. 

Rowley must understand that lives and livelihoods are one and the same. If the SoE is not saving lives or livelihoods in whose interest is Rowley acting by further extending these harsh measures?  There is no justification for continuing to curtail people’s rights while destroying their livelihoods.

By extending the SoE Rowley and the PNM continue to display their craven lust for power without accountability. I call on the Government to abandon this draconian measure and instead focus their efforts on restarting the economy and getting citizens vaccinated.