Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar has argued that T&T is now officially in the hands of a dictatorship and insists that the dictator is Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley as she announced what she called the start of an October revolution.

She said the ‘revolution’ will involve strategies to “defend democracy” in T&T and that it will mean taking this matter to the people.

“The Prime Minister will find no rock large enough to hide under nor road thick enough to protect him from the firestorm that will come,” she said.

“What we saw today was an attack on our democracy,” she said in a news conference following the defeat of her motion to remove President Paula-Mae Weekes.

She said today’s procedure was an “attempt to shield the president, shield the prime minister and shield the former PSC (Police Service Commission) chairman”.

“They kept shutting down the mics,” she said, adding that by doing so the records of the Hansard would be impaired.

“Those records will now never reflect the truth of what happened in the house today,” Persad-Bissessar added.

“The PNM has declared war on our democracy. We were denied the opportunity to present our arguments.”

She argued that Speaker of the House of Representatives, Bridgid Annisette-George made a statement under the Parliament procedure, ‘Announcements by the Speaker.

She called it a “death announcement” that “tells us about the death of democracy in Trinidad and Tobago”.

She said it brought her no joy to bring a motion to remove the President and that having been in the Parliament for 27 years, she has never seen this happen before.

She added, “This is not about woman to woman. This is about the highest offices in the land, so let’s not get distracted with a gender issue.”

She accused the Speaker of stifling a debate that was meant for those in high office to account.

“We know we are in a galloping dictatorship,” she said.

She said the Opposition intended to show how “secret meetings between these high officeholders and the fact that the president intended to hide this, was a violation of the law”, referring to what she called an “interconnected web of lies, deceit and hypocrisy linked to the nation’s three highest offices”.

“We are still in doubt as to what really happened at President’s House,” she added.

“What are you hiding and why?”

She said the motion was to seek the truth of the matter.

“We have done what we believed to be our duty under the Constitution. We are of the considered view that the move by the Speaker to shut down the debate was unconstitutional and illegal,” she said.

She said today’s vote kept in the dark, why was the Order of Merit list presented to the President immediately withdrawn.

She said it also kept in the dark, what authority the President acted upon to hand back the list and why the Prime Minister lost confidence in Gary Griffith as Commissioner of Police.

She said it also kept in the dark why the Attorney General brought the 2021 order to allow Griffith to act as commissioner.

She announced what she called the start of an October revolution, which she said will involve standing in and out of Parliament to “defend democracy”.