A security officer stationed at a fast-food outlet in Maraval was shot and wounded, after he confronted four men dressed in clothing resembling police uniforms, as they carried out a robbery.

According to a police report, at about 10:30 pm on Thursday 8th April, the security officer was on duty at KFC’s outlet when the four men entered the establishment and announced a hold-up.

The men were all armed with guns.

Police said the officer attempted to confront the suspects and subdue them; however, he was shot in the process.

The suspects proceeded to rob the cashier of a quantity of cash and valuables and then escaped.

The wounded security officer was taken to the Port of Spain General Hospital where he was treated.

Police said they found the getaway car used by the bandits abandoned at Tonca Bean Trace.

One suspect has been arrested and currently is in custody.

Police said a second arrest is imminent.