It will now cost you $17 to buy a Healthy Balance 12 Grain bread from Kiss Baking Company Limited. Kiss made the statement today as it announced a slew of price increases to its breads.

“Kiss Baking Co Ltd recognises that our country is facing enormous economic challenges. Unfortunately, we are facing unprecedented increases in our input costs,” Kiss stated. Kiss said its raw materials have “escalated” by as much as 30 per cent in some instance.

“We have also seen increases in shipping costs as a result of continued strains placed on supply chains throughout the world due to COVID-19 lockdowns,” it stated. Kiss said it has performed an “in-depth examination” of its internal processes in order to implement cost saving opportunities without compromising quality of service, and to minimise the impact of rising costs on its customers.

“While we have been able to maintain the prices of our core bread products such as sandwich laves, butter bread and hops, unfortunately, we are forced to increase the price of a few others,” it stated.

Reporter: Joel Julien