On August 19, I was admitted to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex in preparation for a surgery which eventually took place on 26th August.

I was put through a series of tests before the surgery and I must say without any doubt, that I was given superb health care­—no stone left unturned throughout the process.

I would like to publicly thank Dr. Curtis Young Pong and his entire Orthopaedic team of doctors for a job well done.

I also wish to thank the staff in the Operating Theatre, along with all the nurses who attended to me during the period that I was there, who constantly checked my stats and gave me my different meds at specific times.

I was impressed with the health care meted out to me and wish to publicly state that we do have what it takes to provide top class health care to the citizens of this nation, even during this challenging time of COVID-19. Kudos to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex.