A La Romaine man who was shot while visiting a friend earlier this month has died. 

Jamile Joseph, 30, of Temple Street, succumbed to his injuries around 5 am on Monday 25 January 2021, at the Intensive Care Unit of the San Fernando General Hospital.

Police said around 12:45 pm on Sunday 10th January, Joseph went Pharoah Street, Ste Madeleine, and was speaking to a woman in her yard when he was shot on his upper back near his left shoulder. He fell on the stairs and was taken to the hospital. He could not give the police a description of who shot him.  

A man wearing a white jersey and a pair of short pants reportedly was seen running from the scene.

An autopsy is expected to done on Jamile Joseph tomorrow, at the Forensic Science Centre, St James, pending the results of a COVId-19 test.