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Six men who reportedly took matters into their own hands by kidnapping a labourer from his home and beating him at three separate locations are now in police custody.

The men had accused Kalam Kaladeen, 27, of Poui Trace, St Marys Village, Moruga, of interfering and damaging a relative’s vehicle.

Police said around 6.45 pm on Saturday, Kaladeen was asleep when he heard a noise by his door.

Police said the six men entered the house and accused him of damaging their relatives’ vehicle. Investigators said he knew the men.

The men started beating Kaladeen, police said. They then bundled him into the back of a car and took him to Hamilton Trace Junction, Poui Trace, Barrackpore, where they beat him a second time.

Police said Kaladeen was then put back into the car and taken to Rochard Douglas Road, Barrackpore, in the vicinity of Bling Bling Hardware, where he was beaten a third time and dropped off at Poui Trace Junction, St Marys.

Residents, who saw Kaladeen bleeding on the ground, called an ambulance and he was taken to the San Fernando General Hospital.

He suffered a broken left leg, a puncture to the left hand, a cut to the head, bloodied nose, abrasions to the right side of his chest and back, a cut to the left knee and severe swelling to both cheeks.

Cpl Stoute and PC Balkaran visited the scene and are searching for the six men.