Labourer arrested for marijuana trafficking

A 28-year-old labourer of 2nd Branch, Monkey Town, has been charged for possession of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking.

Official police reports indicate that DENNISON MIGUEL following a police operation involving officers from the Area East Crime Patrol, Southern Division Task Force, Tableland Police, and the Princes Town Criminal Investigations Department.

According to reports, on Wednesday 30th September 2020, at approximately 2:45 pm, the police officers went to the home of Dennison Miguel to execute a warrant for arms and ammunition.

Upon arrival at the premises, Miguel was seen throwing a plastic bag out of a window. The bag reportedly fell onto an open area in front of another police officer. The officer retrieved the plastic bag and found within it six packets, each containing marijuana, totalling 1.079 kilogrammes.

As a result, Dennison Miguel was arrested and taken to the Barrackpore Police Station where he was charged for the offence.