Outraged Laventille residents are calling for investigation into what appears to be a police involved killing in Prizgar Lands, early on Wednesday.

Vincent “Chunkey” Moore reportedly was shot dead by police.

Residents claim he was executed as he slept in his bed.

They said at around 3:30 am, officers came to Moore’s home, asking to search the premises.

Moments later, four shots were heard, and police removed Moore’s body from the scene.

Officers claimed he resisted them.

Residents believe the incident may be linked to the murder of Andre Melville, who was shot dead in Laventille two days ago.

Moore, who had spent almost a decade a jail for a previous murder charge which had been dismissed, was said to be a suspect in Melville’s murder.

Moore, a father of two daughters—aged 14 years and nine months, respectively—was regularly questioned by police for criminal activity following his release from prison three years ago.