Odai Ramischand

Joel Julien

Guyana-born attorney Odai Ramischand has apologised to “hardworking” Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh and to all of the people of T&TT for the profanity-laden message he sent to him via social media on Wednesday.

And Ramishcand said if his daughter Samantha “knowingly and actively violated the law she, as everyone else, should be charged and face the consequences.”

In a lengthy post yesterday Ramischand also explained why his numerous posts to Facebook on Wednesday were fraught with errors.

Over the weekend Samantha made a post to social media account stating that she and her family were at their “private beach” and therefore not in contravention of the current law in place to stop the spread of COVID-19.

This lead to Deyalsingh lambasting Samantha for her actions.

In response, Ramischand took to social media on Wednesday and posted several messages in defence of his family who he said was celebrating his son’s 15th birthday and also posted an explicit message to Deyalsingh.

Ramischand yesterday took a more sombre tone on his FB saying he was acting in his capacity as Samantha’s father and not a member of her legal team.

He accused Deyalsingh of “violating and interfering in the Judicial process by conducting a trial in the public and convicting Samantha in the court of public opinion and therefore “prematurely and pre-emptively interfering with the Judicial process by creating public prejudice.”

“Most people have not yet realised how serious the error and or mistakes, either by inadvertence, unconsciously, subconsciously or otherwise and the consequences thereof, that were made by the Honourable Minister Terrence Deyalsingh. He was bordering on or may have committed contempt of court if Samantha is now charged,” he stated.

The TTPS is currently investigating the matter involving Samantha and seized several devices on Tuesday.

Ramischand said people called upon me to withdraw the profanity.

“To do so will be otiose. The consequences and effects and the purport and tenor of the comments of the Honourable Minister required, necessitated and precipitated my use of the obscenity,” he wrote.

“I am now contrite and I now express my remorse and sincere apologies to the Honourable Minister of Health and all the members of his family, all Government Ministers, all Parliamentarians, our noble and dexterous Commissioner of Police Mr Gary Griffith and commend him for the exhibition of his high level of moral rectitude in dealing with political and police matters, to all police officers and to all manner of men and women ( I mean including all LGBTQ and others as I do not know their specific designation or description in law) and to all of the people of Trinidad and Tobago and to all to whom my obscenity may have been published to or come to the notice and their attention,” Ramischand wrote.

Ramishcand said he was sorry for his behaviour.

“I deeply regret and apologise to all of you for my conduct but which, in my view, was necessary, requisite, appropriate and proportionate and commensurate with the gravity of the then prevailing circumstances so as to bring closure to this matter,” Ramischand wrote.

“If Samantha is to be charged, so be it. It is the police who has the power, authority and jurisdiction in the matter at this time and let the streams, courses of Justice flow and the wheels of Justice turn unhindered, unimpeded and without interference within and without our Jurisdiction. Let the sanctity and purity and flawlessness of Justice prevail and let no man think he/she is beyond and or above the law. Please, no one can or should be permitted or allowed to interfere with or pollute or contaminate the dispensation of Justice in accordance with the law. If Samantha knowingly and actively violated the law she, as everyone else, should be charged and face the consequences. I seek no favours and I beg no quarters,” he stated.

“And to our efficient and hardworking and respectful Honourable Minister of Health and his family, I am sorry for any hurt, pain, embarrassment and or anguish that may have been occasioned, precipitated or caused by the expletive I used and published. Once again I am sorry and I regret it. I shall personally attend upon you, Mr Minster, to humbly apologise and give you an elbow, rather than a handshake, which no doubt, will occasion a further warning or reprimand from you.

And let me not mix matters but simply congratulate and thank the Honourable Minister Mr Deyalsingh for all the hard work and his immense services to this country and to the people of Trinidad and Tobago. Thank you, Honourable Minister,” Ramishcand wrote.

Ramischand said carpal tunnel caused the errors in his previous posts.

“Now to all the troubles and agony I have caused and occasioned to all of those who expressed disgust and some disdain for my grammar and punctuation in my post. I only recently started using Facebook, I had a carpal tunnel surgery to my left hand and I have lost some use of my fingers which are insensate and numb. The use of same will return in very early course,” he wrote.