ANSA McAL Group CEO Anthony Sabga III, right, receives the first cheque book from ANSA Bank managing director Robert Le Hunte yesterday.

The bank of the future is here.

And its name is ANSA Bank.

This is how ANSA Bank’s managing director Robert Le Hunte has described the newest entrant to this country’s financial sector.

Le Hunte said within the next 15 months the bank is aiming to implement digital banking on an “unprecedented” level locally.

And for that to happen Le Hunte said there are three critical ingredients that ANSA Bank will use.

These are innovation, responsiveness and creativity.

But who can become an ANSA Bank customer?

“We offer customised financing to large corporations but meeting the need of medium, small and micro enterprises and supporting entrepreneurial Trinbagonians are also our priorities. First-time home-owner and salary employees meeting the rigours of day to day living are all welcome. This is indeed a bank for all,” Le Hunte said.

ANSA Bank officially opened its doors for the first time at 9 am yesterday at its Port-of-Spain, Chaguanas and San Fernando.

And it was a day of several firsts.

Chef Rajendra Singh was the first customer to enter ANSA Bank’s Port-of-Spain branch at 9 am.

He received an embossed decanter set from Le Hunte to commemorate the historic moment.

Evelyn Ramkissoon was the first customer at the San Fernando branch.

And ANSA McAL’s Group Chief Executive Officer Anthony N Sabga III received the first cheque book.

Speaking to staff virtually yesterday ANSA Bank’s chairman David Dulal-Whiteway called it a “red-letter day” referring to the bank’s sign.

“Together we will establish milestones which will set the course of the bank, while not quite pioneers in uncharted territory, some may consider that we are punching above our weight by daring to launch a new bank during a pandemic,” Dulal-Whiteway said.

“But it is for this very new normal that the ANSA Bank model is designed,” he said.

ANSA Merchant Bank completed its acquisition of Bank of Baroda’s operations in T&T last month.

The transaction was initiated via a sales agreement signed in December 2019 and was approved by the Central Bank last November.

“We have been entrusted with an excellent foundation from Bank of Baroda. Today we take that foundation and launch ANSA bank into the future of endless possibilities,” Dulal-Whiteway stated.