Lennox Petroleum workers protest, with their children alongside them, at the company’s offices on Thursday December 17th. (Image: RISHI RAGOONATH)
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Workers of Lennox Petroleum who have been protesting for their back pay since November, escalated their action on Thursday morning by bringing their children out to protest.

As they demanded that the company pay what is due, the workers brought their wives and children to the front with the hope of persuading the company to pay.

But the company officials stayed indoors.

The children held up placards which read, “Pay the workers to please” and “God doesn’t like wickedness”.  One child begged Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley to get involved.

The workers had won two court cases at the Industrial Court and the Court of Appeal which ruled that the company had until November 23 to pay $US 9 million in retroactive payment.

However, Lennox Petroleum is denying that it has to pay the money, saying no money is owed and that the matter has been appealed and will be heard in June next year.

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