Jello Shots, a la Candice.

As a business development consultant, I am always researching; seeking to understand entrepreneurial trends, psychological states and persuasive influences.

One of the things I learned from very young is balance, so I have this formal side, and I also have the more creative side in my product business where I sell alcohol-based cocktails in different forms; bottled, frozen (pennacools and lollies), shots, truffle cups, to name a few. Embarking upon this has taught me a myriad of things that I have been able to apply to the work that I do for my clients, and it has helped me to create more sustainable, effective strategies as well.

In this pandemic, I have been afforded time and peace of mind to be able to plan, test and create new products and programmes for both businesses. There have been lessons to be learnt in the simplest of tasks, with the most recent being while making these shots on May 20, realising that single-coloured shots are simple and easy-peasy, but contrastingly with multi-coloured. They require more care, attention and a strategic mindset.

Lesson 1: Knowledge of Inputs

You have to know the maximum amount of alcohol that can be used in creating a mixture that will set properly. In business, you have to know the right mix to create a good balance that would ensure success. Are you marketing enough? Is financial management needed? Is the business fully compliant, legally?

Lesson 2: Vision

Beforehand, you must know how you want your shot to look in order to know how to layer it creatively. In business, you must be creative and innovative in order to lay out your vision of operations effectively, using the right content, in the right context and at the right time. Invest time to create a Business Plan, a simple, concise one-pager will do fine.

Lesson 3: Patience in Building

Each layer of the shot must set properly before adding another, otherwise it will fold. In business, we tend to rush a lot of some functions and don’t exhibit the patience required to allow things to effectively fall into place. Ensure that you are legally compliant before marketing and branding, as you can encounter numerous unpleasant circumstances moving forward. The stronger your foundation, the higher you can build.

Construction 101!

Lesson 4: Savour the Taste

This type of Shot calls for diligence. It can be consumed in two seconds. In business, you can be hit with anything and be forced to a complete halt.

Enjoy your journey, and learn from the mistakes you make. Give yourself the credit you deserve.

Some people are just going to see how pretty the Shot is, and not see the hard work that went into producing it, while, some are just going to see your success and not see the hard work that went into getting there.